Learning Intentions

Activities to do when it is your turn to use the computer.

  • Can type sentences
  • Can type the Home Keys correctly
  • Knows the difference between Shift and Caps locks
  • Starting to type some basic words with correct fingering
  • Typing practice cards

  • Keyboard activities

  • Can use both Delete/Backspaces keys correctly
  • Can type some basic words with correct fingering (including own name)
  • Can find and use some symbols correctly ($%&+-)
  • Starting to use some Keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl or Command C, V,P)

Things to remmeber when typing on a keyboard......

"thumbs only on the space bar"

"Pinkies only on the shift and delete key"

"always rest your fingers on the Home Keys"

"don't cross over the Magic Line"

Dance Mat Typing‍Start at level one and work your way up to Level fourDance_Mat.png
Keyboard Climber‍See how high you can go. Make sure that you are using the correct fingersmonkey.png
Keyboarding Games for kids‍A great variety of keyboarding games for all levels